Open-Type Laser Cutter

Our open-type laser cutter, all components used are selected with care so that they offer good quality and long service life. The body of the machine is made of high quality steel and offers a rigid structure, of which the stress is relieved with the latest technology.

Laser Cutting Machine

Laser Cutter with Exchange Table

Thanks to ultra-speed EtherCAT communication technology, the drive, motor, and all control units apply the values set with the highest precision and speed. Thus, you may obtain perfect cuts with micron precision on time.

Laser Cutter with Exchange Table

Tube and Plate Laser Cutter

Dual system control, simultaneous cutting of tube and sheet, imported cutting head to ensure cutting accuracy, two-way synchronous adjustment to ensure cutting accuracy.

Tube and Plate Laser Cutter

High Power Laser Cutter

This ultra-high-power laser cutting machine is equipped with a 2000W laser generator, which can easily achieve 5mm stainless steel flying cutting, increasing the processing efficiency by more than 30%.

High Power Laser Cutter

Tube Laser Cutting Machine

Performs precision and rapid cutting operations thanks to its structure resistance against higher acceleration and high pressure. Pipe and profile cutting option to increase the production efficiency.

Laser Welding Machine

HARSLE handheld laser welding machine, using a handheld welding gun to replace the previous fixed optical path, hand-held welding, flexible and convenient, welding distance is not restricted.

Laser Welding Machine


HARSLE Provides world-class hardware and software solutions to the laser cutting control market, Our turnkey solution delivers powerful automation to support high-performing machines. Maximise machine working time with height following. Actively jump over cut parts to avoid collisions and errors in the path planning.

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Questions & Answers

Here you will get most answers to the frequently asked questions, HARSLE expertise team will also collect the questions from most customers during the engineering service process and we will update here every month. We believe you will get the worthful tips here.

What is laser cut machine?

The laser cutting machine focuses the laser light emitted from the laser into a high-power density laser beam through the optical path system. The laser beam irradiates the surface of the workpiece to make the workpiece reach the melting point or boiling point, and the high-pressure gas coaxial with the beam blows away the molten or vaporized metal.
As the relative position of the beam and the workpiece moves, the material will eventually form a slit, so as to achieve the purpose of cutting.
Laser cutting is to replace the traditional mechanical knife with an invisible beam. It has the characteristics of high precision, fast cutting, not limited to the cutting pattern, automatic typesetting, saving material, smooth cutting, and low processing cost. It will gradually improve or replace it. Traditional metal cutting process equipment. The mechanical part of the laser cutter head has no contact with the workpiece, and will not scratch the surface of the workpiece during work; the laser cutting speed is fast, the incision is smooth and flat, and generally does not require subsequent processing; the cutting heat affected zone is small, the plate deformation is small, and the slit is narrow ( 0.1mm~0.3mm); the incision has no mechanical stress, no shearing burr; high processing accuracy, good repeatability, and no damage to the surface of the material; CNC programming, can process any plan, and can cut large-format whole plates without Opening the mold saves time and economy.

How do you quote laser cutting?

Generally speaking, customers need to inform the following information in order to make a better quotation:
1. The thickness of the cut sheet, such as the cutting thickness of stainless steel, aluminium and carbon steel, and the cutting frequency of the corresponding sheet
2. The size of the workbench, and whether it needs to be exchanged if it is necessary to choose an open or closed exchange
3. Do you need to cut metal pipes, as well as the thickness, material, and diameter of the pipes.
What are the advantages of a laser cutter?
1. Good cutting quality; due to the small laser spot, high energy density and fast cutting speed, laser cutting can obtain better cutting quality.
2. The laser gas cutting incision is narrow, the two sides of the incision are parallel and the perpendicularity to the surface is good.
3. The cutting surface is smooth and beautiful, and can even be used as the last processing procedure, without mechanical processing, and the parts can be used directly.
After the material is laser cut, the width of the heat-affected zone is very small, the performance of the material near the slit is almost unaffected, the deformation of the workpiece is small, and the cutting accuracy is high.
4. Fast cutting speed, for example, 2500W laser cutting 1mm thick stainless steel, the cutting speed can reach 25-42m/min.
5. Non-contact cutting, the nozzle does not touch the workpiece during laser cutting, which means that the workpiece has no mechanical deformation; there is no tool wear, and there is no problem of tool replacement; the cutting material does not need to consider its hardness, that is, laser cutting The ability is not affected by the hardness of the material being cut, any hardness material can be cut, most organic and inorganic materials can be laser cut
6. The laser beam has strong controllability, high adaptability and flexibility, so it is convenient to combine with automation equipment, and it is easy to automate the cutting process. The workpiece has no contact, which means that the workpiece.

How do laser cutters make money?

Laser cutting is currently a very advanced cutting technology that can be used for processing projects in many industries. It can produce precision-cut products and is the choice for producing high-quality products. Manufacturers usually use laser cutting machines for laser-level precision The complex design, if when you are considering buying a laser cutting machine or want to use the laser cutting machine to make better quality, accurate and accurate products, below we according to the main characteristics of the laser cutting machine, from which aspects will bring you more Benefit.
1. The laser cutting machine has high working efficiency
Laser cutting involves high-power, highly focused lasers. The machine passes the laser beam through the material, piercing a hole, and then the laser cuts, leaving a clean and smooth cut. The laser cutting machine can use a pulsed laser beam, in which the cutting is delivered in the form of laser pulses, or a continuous wave, in which the beam is focused on the material until the cutting is completed. In both cases, laser cutting machines use high-power lasers to penetrate the material and perform precise cuts.
2. The cut products are of high quality
Because laser cutting processing itself is a high-precision processing method, and the precision and quality of the products can be guaranteed when processing these products. In addition, laser cutting processing can guarantee its processing regardless of the material, and it will not be affected. The thickness and shape of the material are processed to ensure the quality and accuracy of the product. The processed product is programmed by the computer, so the cutting is very accurate. During the cutting process, the laser beam makes the cutting process smooth, thereby forming an overall high-quality cut.
3. The process of laser cutting machine
There are many different benefits of using a laser cutting machine in the manufacturing process. Compared with many other cutting processes, they can shorten the delivery time. They can manufacture the same products for mass production. Laser cutting machines have higher energy efficiency, which can help manufacturers achieve green and environmental protection and save energy costs. They are also highly versatile, able to cut through a variety of materials and achieve different designs with different levels of complexity.

What is a laser cutting machine used for?

Automobile industry: Many sheet metal and parts in automobiles need to be cut. The traditional physical cutting method is easy to deform, and the cutting accuracy is not high. It is difficult to adapt to the current automobile market. Laser cutting machines can make up for this defect.

Cabinet industry: Mainly includes distribution motors, fire-fighting equipment cabinets, conversion cabinets, etc. Basically, the production of thin plates is standardized, and the use of laser cutting machines is extremely suitable, and the processing efficiency is high, and for specific plates, double-layer processing can be carried out, which has wide compatibility and saves processing costs.

Advertising industry: The advertising industry has many styles, and it is impossible to apply the same template multiple times. The characteristics of the laser cutting machine are very consistent. No need to open the mold, programming can be cut at will, the laser cutting machine can cut any style of pattern words, absolutely can meet the needs of customers

Craft furniture: With the improvement of living standards, people have gradually begun to pursue material life, and the requirements for the home environment have gradually become higher. Crafts, calligraphy and painting, delicate patterns, etc. are all popular gadgets. The high-precision and fast cutting of the laser cutting machine can well adapt to this market.

Sheet metal processing: for processing metal objects into target graphics, laser cutting machines can perform very effective high-speed, high-precision cutting of plates within 30mm. Laser cutting machines are very prominent in the sheet metal processing industry.
The more common industry applications are the above, and the application range of laser cutting is becoming more and more extensive.

What is better laser cutting or plasma?

1. The working principle is different
The laser cutting machine focuses the laser light emitted by the laser into a high-power density laser beam through the optical path system. The laser beam irradiates the surface of the work piece to make the workpiece reach the melting point or boiling point. At the same time, the high-pressure gas coaxial with the beam blows away the molten or vaporized metal. As the relative position of the beam and the work piece moves, the material will eventually form a slit to achieve the purpose of cutting.
A plasma cutting machine is a gas that is heated to a very high temperature and highly ionized. It transfers the arc power to the workpiece. The high temperature melts the workpiece and is blown off, forming the working state of plasma arc cutting. Then, the plasma arc is used as a heat source to melt the metal. The cutting is an arc, so there is often a certain arc when the cutting fails. Therefore, when the cross-section we need is at a right angle, the plasma cutting machine is no longer applicable.
2. Different cutting quality
In terms of cutting accuracy, plasma can reach within 1mm, and laser can reach within 0.2mm. Therefore, the precision of the laser cutting machine is higher.
The laser cutting machine can realize non-contact cutting with the surface of the workpiece, the cutting gap is small, the accuracy is high, the heat-affected zone is small, and the cutting end surface is smooth and free of burrs. However, the cutting gap of the plasma cutting machine is slightly larger, the cutting end surface is rough and not smooth, and the cutting accuracy is low.
3. Different cutting materials
The laser cutting machine is suitable for cutting a wide range of materials: metals, non-metals, ceramics, glass, etc. are all available. Plasma cutting is suitable for cutting various metal materials, mainly cutting thick plates.
4. Different charges
The purchase price of a plasma cutting machine is much cheaper than a laser cutting machine, because a laser cutting machine is composed of many precision parts, and the cost of mechanical parts is higher.
But in terms of the cost of consumables, the cost of consumables for plasma cutting machines is very high. For example, the entire cutting torch (nozzle, swirl ring, electrode, etc.) needs to be replaced within a few hours, and the plasma cutting machine consumes a lot of power. However, the cost of consumables of the laser cutting machine is very low, there are few wearing parts, and almost no maintenance is required.

How to ship the machines?

For some small machines, we can ship by LCL, for most big machines, we will ship by FCL.

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