Macchina da taglio laser

Risoluzione dei problemi della macchina da taglio laser: 11 problemi e soluzioni

Macchina da taglio laser Risoluzione dei problemi-10-Problemi-e-soluzioni

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The use environment of the metal laser cutting machine is very harsh, so problems in use are expected. However, if the metal laser cutting machine has a problem and is not solved in time, it will affect the work efficiency, so it needs to be problematic. Then use the fastest method to solve it. The following are the most prone problems and countermeasures for metal laser cutting machines.

The Output of The Laser is Very Weak After Running For a Period of Time

Laser cutting machine laser is weak
Laser cutting machine laser is weak

When encountering this situation, the first thing to look at is whether the focal length has changed. If there is no change, check whether the focusing lens on the machine is contaminated; whether the light path system accidentally deviates; the most important thing is to check whether the water circulation is circulating and the water circulation The smoothness can dissipate the heat of the laser cutting machine as much as possible, improve the energy conversion of the laser equipment, and finally achieve the focus of the light source.

Abnormal sparks often appear when cutting thin carbon steel

Abnormal Sparks Appear During Laser Cutting

Abnormal sparks appear during laser cutting

When a laser cutting machine cutting thin carbon steel, the flames are normally long and flat, with fewer split ends, and abnormal sparks will affect the smoothness and processing quality of the work piece’s cutting surface. At this time, when other parameters are normal, the loss of the laser head nozzle should be considered. If the problem exists, the nozzle should be replaced in time. If there is no replacement of a new nozzle, the cutting working gas pressure should be increased. If the thread at the connection between the nozzle and the laser cutting head is loose, the laser cutting should be suspended immediately, check the connection status of the laser cutting head, and reinstall the thread.

Processed Round Hole or Straight Line Deformation

Laser cutting machine processing round holes

When this kind of failure occurs, we should first rule out whether the laser cutting control software is moving normally. For example, draw a straight line to observe whether the laser head moves in a straight line during processing. This can basically eliminate the possibility of software problems. At the same time, this step can also find abnormal problems of looseness in the mechanical structure. After excluding the software and mechanical possibilities, we should think about whether the laser energy is too high, and the non-processing area is affected by the high energy.

Observe whether the cutting edge of the workpiece is melted, the normal processing edge should be smooth and flat. When this happens, we should appropriately lower the laser power or frequency parameters to solve the problem. There is also a relatively uncommon one. Defects such as the deformation of the focusing lens in the laser head can also cause such problems. It can be judged by observing whether the beam from the laser head is concentric or not.

The Program Can’t Start Normally

Fault performance: the main power switch indicator light is off, the mainboard indicator light is off, the panel does not display, the motor drive indicator light is off, and there is a buzzing sound in the machine. Cause of the problem: Solution | Poor contact of the main power supply, damaged DC power supply, control panel failure, motor drive failure, machine failure. The operator can solve it step by step.

Specific inspection method as following:

  • Visually observe the indicator lights on the machine, observe the fault location, the main power switch indicator does not light, check the input power connection is poor or the power supply fuse is blown, the main board LED light does not brighten or the control panel does not display, please check DC 5V, Is the 3.3V power output normal and the motor driver indicator light is off? Check whether the power output is normal. When checking whether the power supply is normal, please disconnect any power output line for testing to determine whether the power supply or power supply component is faulty.
  • Check whether all displays are normal. If you can hear a clear hum, it may be a mechanical failure. Check whether the trolley and beam are pushed by hand. Smooth, whether there are obstacles. See if there is something else preventing it.
  • Check whether the motor shaft is separated, whether the synchronization wheel is loose,
  • Check whether the main board, power supply, wires or plugs connected to the plug of the drive block (device) are in good contact.
  • Check whether the wire connector from the drive block (drive) to the motor is disconnected. The 18-core wire from the main board to the small board is damaged. Whether to insert.
  • Check whether the parameter settings are correct. The parameters on the left are the same, but if they are different, they must be corrected and written to the machine.

Laser Incomplete Cutting

  • The light exit of the tubo laser: The laser tube is the most important part of the cutting effect. It determines the processing effect, cutting performance and other operations. If this type of situation occurs, the primary inspection component should be the laser tube. If it is damaged, it should be replaced, and it should be cleaned if it is not damaged.
  • Focusing lens damage: cutting speed is too fast, focusing lens damage makes the focusing effect poor, the optical path is not correct, the voltage is unstable, these are the reasons why laser cutting cannot cut through
  • The optical path of the laser beams: The optical path of the laser beam will determine the intensity of the laser irradiation. If the laser beam is weakened during the transmission of the laser beam, the cutting of the sheet is likely to occur. At this time, you should Check whether the optical path is in the exact center and whether it passes through the exact center. If the laser does not pass through the hole, it is prone to diffraction, which will cause the laser tube power and beam to become weak. For this kind of problem, you can add Large working current to solve.
  • Laser tube deformation: The laser tube is the main factor that determines the laser. If it is deformed, the phenomenon of cutting failure will also occur. For its treatment plan, the laser tube should be rotated many times, and then the best one The support angle is processed, and do not change because of deformation.

Of course, there are many factors that make the cut of the plate not smooth or cut through, such as the problem of the material itself, the pressure of the auxiliary gas is not enough, the water of the cooling system is turbid, and the heat dissipation effect is poor. We must take seriously the problem of impenetrable laser cutting, and find a way to solve these problems, which is of great significance for improving production efficiency and ensuring the quality of laser cutting.

Nothing Was Displayed on The Panel And The Button Cannot be Activated

Laser cutting machine control panel

The power supply of the display pannello di controllo is abnormal, the control connection is bad, and the panel is faulty. The specific inspection methods are as follows:

  • Restart the machine to check whether the beam and the trolley have been reset normally, and no measures have been taken, and no measures have been taken to deal with the fault according to the start.
  • Press the power-on reset button, and press the arrow keys and function keys on the machine panel to check whether it is normal, whether these keys can be automatically reset and whether there is an abnormality.
  • Check whether the socket and connector on the connection indicator are loose and not touching.
  • Replace the display control block, check whether there is a display, whether the indicator light on the control block is on, whether the power supply is normal,
  • Replace the data cable. The main board measures whether P5 is live and the voltage is 5V. If it is not normal, please check the output of the 5V power supply, if there is no output, please change to 5V power supply.
  • If there is a display screen but the buttons do not work, please replace the button film to see if it is normal.
  • If it still does not work, just replace the motherboard to test.

Common Reset Problems of Laser Cutting Machine

During the processo di taglio of the laser cutting machine, the beam is focused by the lens of the cutting head into a small focal point, so that the focal point can reach a high power density, and the cutting head is fixed on the z-axis. At this time, the heat input by the beam far exceeds the part of the heat reflected, conducted, or diffused by the material, and the material is quickly heated to the melting and vaporization temperature. At the same time, a high-speed airflow will melt from the coaxial or non-coaxial side. And the vaporized material is blown out to form holes for cutting the material. With the relative movement of the focus and the material, the hole forms a continuous slit with a very narrow width to complete the cutting of the material.

The X-axis and Y-axis of the laser cutting machine move in opposite directions and hit the side end. For this phenomenon, check whether the mainboard parameters are wrong, and stop the machine to check whether there is any problem with the mainboard parameter settings. The control panel of the laser cutting machine is displayed normally, and the X-axis and Y-axis do not move. You can try to unplug the sensor terminal of the motherboard to see if the machine is moving. In this case, consider replacing the sensor.

The beam is reset normally, and the X-axis of the laser cutting machine does not move. The motor wire or the motor shaft may be broken. For this phenomenon, the motor wire or small motor should be replaced. The direction is correct when resetting, but the X-axis or Y-axis cannot stop when it reaches the top (check the motherboard parameters first). If it is correct, check the motherboard or sensor for this phenomenon, and replace it.

The Work Piece Has Burrs

Burrs in laser cutting

The workpiece often has burrs. We must give priority to the factors that cause the burrs during the cutting operation, and cannot blindly increase the cutting speed, because they blindly increase the speed, in the actual cutting process, it is very easy to see the sheet not being cut through. This situation is particularly prominent when processing aluminum-zinc coated sheets. At this time, other factors of the machine tool should be taken into consideration to solve the problem, such as whether the nozzle should be replaced or the guide rail movement is unstable.

Laser Tube High Pressure Head Water Pipe Leaking  

  • Disconnect all power first, and wipe the high-pressure head clean with a cotton cloth. Scrub gently.
  • Cut off the broken water pipe and reconnect it to the laser tube. Then tie it with a cable tie.
  • Reconnect the high-voltage line. There are 7 silver wires in the high-voltage wire, and one cannot be less.
  • Use a fan to dry the wet place of the high-pressure head, and then turn it on again after half an hour.

Power-on Alarm

  • Whether the water pipe is turned on.
  • Check if there is water in the water tank.   
  • Check whether the water pipe of the water tank is blocked or there are objects pressing the water pipe so that the water pipe is not flowing.
  • Check whether the connection between the signal line of the water tank and the machine is loose or the signal line itself has problems.
  • If it is a water tank alarm, check the water tank.
  • If the main board alarms, first confirm whether the protection terminal of the main board jumps, if it does, replace the main board.

Anonymous or Undetectable Devices Appear in The Laser Software List

  • Click to refresh the list to see if it can be detected.
  • Check whether the COM terminal of the computer connection data line is loose.
  • Replace with a computer and check it.

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