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How to solve the welding slag when cutting carbon steel with laser cutting machine?

How to solve the welding slag when cutting carbon steel with laser cutting machine?

Carbon steel has always been one of our common metal materials, and we have always used laser cutting machines for processing. But many people have reported that how to solve the problem of welding slag when cutting carbon steel with laser cutting machine? This problem is a relatively common problem in the use of laser cutting machines, so what should I do if I encounter such a situation?

The auxiliary gas pressure is too low. In addition to the purpose of cooling and combustion, the auxiliary gas also needs to blow away the slag. When the auxiliary gas company does not reach a certain standard threshold, it is impossible to completely remove all the slag produced by cutting and melting. Blow off, so before cutting processing, you need to check whether the auxiliary gas pressure is normal and whether the auxiliary gas is used up. If such a situation exists, it must be maintained in time to avoid affecting the cutting quality.

The thickness of the carbon steel material exceeds the cutting range of the laser cutting machine. Because the temperature of the laser cutting reaches more than 1700 degrees Celsius at the moment the beam irradiates the surface of the workpiece, it will melt the material in the area and produce boiling slag. The boiling phenomenon will also bring a part of the oxygen to the lower area of the reaction zone, and under the action of oxygen-assisted combustion, the lower part of the area produces a combustion reaction to realize the cutting of materials.

However, if the thickness of the carbon steel material is too large, there is no oxygen at the melting point of the lowermost layer, so that the material at the lowermost layer cannot form a combustion reaction, and it is mainly melted by the heat generated by the combustion reaction in the upper area. But in fact, it is not completely melted. So no matter what kind of high-pressure auxiliary gas can not blow away the slag.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that in view of the above situation, usually when using a laser cutting machine to cut thicker carbon steel plates, oxygen is used as an auxiliary gas. On the one hand, it serves the purpose of cooling and blowing away the slag, and at the same time. For the purpose of supporting combustion, it realizes thicker carbon steel material cutting and perfect quality cutting. welding slag

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