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Laser series is a popular product recently. Laser cutting machines can be made into open or closed types according to customer’s needs, also can be added to the exchange table and cutting tube function; other laser products are laser welding machines, laser marking machines and so on. HARSLE’s laser cutting machine is equipped with a gantry type work table, which is rigid, high precision and smooth running. The universal roller device on the work table can easily feed and process the workpiece.

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Contamos con un sólido equipo de soporte técnico y, si tiene alguna pregunta, podemos brindarle soluciones en 12 horas.

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Nuestras máquinas están diseñadas por nuestro equipo de profesionales, lo que garantiza la precisión y velocidad de nuestras máquinas.

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HARSLE ofrecerá 3 años de garantía para su máquina, también podemos reemplazar sus piezas de forma gratuita durante el período de garantía.

Historia de desarrollo


Estableció Nanjing HARSLE Machine Tool Co., Ltd., Dedicada a la producción, venta y mantenimiento de maquinaria para láminas de metal, como dobladoras, cizallas, punzonadoras y prensas hidráulicas.



Provide customers with a complete set of machines for metal door processing, metal sink processing and other production lines, and have signed cooperation agreements with overseas agents to provide our customers with better services.



The annual sales of both domestic and foreign trade have exceeded 10 million dollars. More and more customers trust us and to work with us, and we have also provided them with the most suitable products. With strong export volume and excellent customer feedback, it was selected as a certified supplier by


Our company's main products: press brake, shearing machine and hydraulic press have obtained the utility model patent certificate certified by the State Intellectual Property Office. In the following years, the CNC press brake produced by our independent company obtained the appearance design patent certificate certified by the State Intellectual Property Office.


The press brake and hydraulic presses produced by HARSLE have obtained CE certification. We Participated in the 6th India BLECH Exhibition in the same year and attracted many overseas customers to place orders on the spot with high-quality machines and professional explanations.


La punzonadora y la cizalla fabricadas por nuestra empresa han obtenido sucesivamente la certificación CE. En el mismo año, la empresa participó en la exposición de Dubai y aprobó la certificación del sistema de calidad ISO9001: 2015.


Fabrication Equipment

HARSLE has both experienced senior engineers and innovative young engineers, all of them are committed to building better machines.

Our Services



365 days a year, 7x24 hours per week and company telephone hotline (+86-25-56200956) service support.



E-mail service support is available 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. E-mail:



The company established a technical support and response center, set up a dedicated person to carry out 7x24 hours on duty.


On Site(charge)

When necessary, the company will send experienced technical engineers to the site to provide services to users.

Laser Cutting Machine Video

Video show is always the best to help customers to choose the right laser machine, So HARSLE endeavors to create the most attractive and useful videos for you to learn more about our metal laser cutter details in a better way.

Máquina cortadora láser de fibra CNC HST-1500W-3015 con accesorio de tubo

HARSLE 1000W-3015 CNC Fiber Laser Cutting Machine with IPG Laser source

Máquina cortadora láser de fibra CNC HSX-1500W 3015 con mesa de intercambio

HS-1000W-3015 CNC Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

HARSLE 500W CNC Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Máquina de soldadura láser HARSLE HW-1500 | Soldador láser de fibra mejor y más asequible

HARSLE CE Certificate

In line with EU CE standards, the quality of the machine is guaranteed



HARSLE sales are experienced and friendly, so feel free to contact us when you have question about the machine

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Ivy Zhang

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Sissi Zhang

División de punzonado

Wendy Xu

Froming Division

Grace Guo

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Jimmy Chen

División láser

Sandy Xue
Proceso de instalación de la máquina de corte por láser HARSLE

How to install your laser cuter

Aprenderá a instalar su máquina de corte por láser de principio a fin. HARSLE es un fabricante profesional de plegadoras, cizallas, máquinas de corte por láser y otros fabricantes de máquinas para trabajar metales en China. Siéntete libre de contactarnos.

asked questions

Velocidad cortante
Fast cutting speed is one of the advantages of laser cutting, but the cutting speed is not as fast as possible.

Mira las chispas cortantes
When the cutting speed is appropriate, the cutting sparks are more evenly spread from top to bottom;

Observe la hoja de corte
When the cutting speed is appropriate, the cutting surface presents a relatively smooth line, and no slag is produced in the lower half.

Boquilla y altura de la boquilla
La tobera actúa como haz y canal de gas auxiliar. La forma, la apertura y la altura de la boquilla afectarán el efecto de corte.

Presión de gas protector
El tamaño de la presión del gas auxiliar también afecta el efecto de corte de la máquina de corte por láser de fibra. Ajustar la presión del aire también puede mejorar el efecto de corte:

Precauciones para apagar la máquina de corte por láser
Primero, mueva el cabezal de corte al punto más alto y detenga los ejes X e Y en la posición segura. Cambie el banco o deténgalo en un lugar seguro.

Technical Background
Welding of medium and large thickness steel plates is mainly used in rail transit, shipbuilding, nuclear power equipment, and other industries.

Technical Characteristics
There are many forms of laser-arc hybrid welding, including Laser-MAG/MIG hybrid welding, Laser-TIG hybrid welding, laser-plasma arc hybrid welding, etc.

Aluminum Alloy Welding
Requirements: tailored welding of 5 mm and 6 mm aluminum alloys requires good weld formation and no undercut defects.

Welding of Medium And Thick Ship Plates
Requirements: Tailored welding of AH36 marine steel plates with thicknesses of 6 mm and 12 mm requires that the weld formation and weld quality meet the requirements of the Chinese Shipbuilding Quality Standard (GB/T 34000-2016).

Large Thickness Ship Plate Multi-Pass Welding
Requirements: 20 mm, 25 mm thick ultra-high-strength marine steel plates are tailor-welded, and the weld formation and weld quality are required to meet the requirements of the Chinese shipbuilding quality standard (GB/T 34000-2016).

Equipment And Process Parameter Suggestion
At present, for the laser-arc hybrid welding technology, there are very few practical applications in China, and there is no systematic achievement for the time being.

Diference 1: The difference in cutting thickness
The plasma cutting machine is a kind of thermal cutting equipment, which is more suitable for more than 6mm thickness and with low
precision requirement. In theory, the maximum thickness of a plasma laser cutting machine can reach hundreds of mm, but the optimal cutting range is about 80mm. Disadvantages of plasma cutting: It is not suitable for cutting below 3mm metal sheets, the slit is wide and the precision is poor, the cutting surface with poor perpendicular when cutting 5mm or more than 5mm thickness plate.

Diference 2: The difference in cutting quality
The cutting principle of the plasma cutting machine is to use high temperature plasma arc heat to melt the metal at the cutting part of the workpiece, and simultaneously blow away the molten metal with a high-speed air flow to form a narrow slit; the plasma cutting machine can cutting stainless steel, iron, aluminum, various metal materials.

If customer orders one small machine with wood package, we will deliver the machine by LCL, If customer orders two or more machines together, we will load them into containers and send them to the port, this will help client save more cost.

HARSLE has uploaded the machine operation manuals on the website, you can download from the following pages.

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Estilo de exposición

HARSLE ha participado en diversas ferias nacionales e internacionales cada año, con el fin de que nuestros clientes vean personalmente nuestras máquinas.

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