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HARSLE is a modern enterprise which manufactures various kinds of NC and CNC press brake, shearing machine, hydraulic press, power press, Ironworker, laser cutting machine and other related machines. We always adhere to the business principle of "making better machine, providing first class service", so our products have been trusted widely in many industries.


Open-Type Laser Cutter

Tube and Plate Laser Cutter

Tube Laser Cutting Machine

High Power Laser Cutter

Laser Welding Machine

Laser Cutter with Exchange Table

Customers Reviews


Quick delivery, well packages. Works as described. Quality is ok.

Miguel RS


Miguel RS



Everything is great !!! Very nice machine !!! Quick delivery!!!

Tamas Lebar



Nice and fast delivery. Arrived less than 1 month. Recommend

Ertan Uluocak


Contact With

Our Team

HARSLE sales are experienced and friendly, so feel free to contact us when you have a question about the machine.

Bending Division

Ivy Zhang

Ivy is our gold medal salesperson, she is in charge of the production and sales of bending machines for nearly 10 years, has rich professional knowledge. Many of our regular customers are willing to buy from her again and will refer Ivy to other friends who need machines.

Shearing Division

Sissi Zhang

Sissi is responsible for the sales and after-sales of shearing machines. With her extensive mechanical experience and excellent oral skills, Sissi is usually just a phone call or video away from solving customers’ needs and questions, and is affectionately known by customers as engineer Sissi .If you need to buy shearing machine, welcome to contact Sissi.

Punching Division

Wendy Xu

Wendy has her own unique knowledge of punching machines. When she sees a customer’s drawing, Wendy can accurately recommend the best punching machine and the right tooling for the customer. Because Wendy knows enough about punching machines, she is often called upon by distributors to buy large quantities of punching machines.

Forming Division

Grace Guo

In the last ten years, Grace has sold a third of our company’s hydraulic presses. She knows hydraulic presses as well as our engineers, and our customers trust her as much as we trust our own machines. If you need hydraulic presses and related products, you won’t be disappointed with Grace’s recommendations.

Door Division

Jimmy Chen

This is our manager Jimmy, he knows all our machines very well and has sold dozens of lines to many countries like Nigeria. Jimmy has sold machines all over the world and our customers are very satisfied with our machines and even more satisfied with Jimmy’s service.

Laser Division

Sandy Xue

Sandy’s knowledge of laser cutting machines is astounding, from the internal structure to the use of the machine to the maintenance of the machine is under Sandy’s control. If you need to buy a laser cutting machine, please contact Sandy and she will help you choose the best machine for you.

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